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Create Addon Domains with Bluehost

December 31st, 2008 by Duncan

How to set-up additional domains (i.e. extra “Free Standing” blogs) on your Bluehost Account.

I use Bluehost for my chosen host provider for a number of reasons:

  1. Competitively priced
  2. Cpanel for easy online adminsitration (Filemanager, Domain Handling, ftp account set-up etc.)
  3. Fantastico for easy WordPress Install
  4. Easy to create additional domains under the one account.

This post is regarding point 4… how to set-up an additional domain on your host account ready to install a new wordpress blog.

Step 1.

Purchase the domain of your choice. You can do this from the domain manager of your bluehost account, or if you prefer use one of the many domain providers that are out there. Personally I use either the Bluehost account because the .com names are cheap at $10/year each, or if I’m setting up a UK based website and need a .co.uk domain, then I I’ll use 123reg.

Step 2.

If you have purchased the domain from anywhere other than Bluehost, then you need to change the domain nameserver records to direct to Bluehost.

  1. Login to the control panel for your domain and select “Change Nameserver” setting for your domain.
  2. Set the name servers to: NS1.BLUEHOST.COM & NS2.BLUEHOST.COM
  3. You may need to “Unlock” the domain before you can change the nameserver record, if this is the case then just look for the “Unlock Domain” setting, and remember to re-set the domain lock after changing the nameserver settings.

Step 4.

Login to your Bluehost Cpanel and select the “Addon Domain” icon

Type the Domain name (excluding www.) in the box for Step1. Domain:

Bluehost will then automatically verify the domain is available to Bluehost and if you so will get the following message in the step 2 response section:

Ownership verified. The nameservers for the domain “your-domain-name” are currently set to NS1.BLUEHOST.COM, NS2.BLUEHOST.COM.”

In the Step 3 section, select ADDON DOMAIN

In the Step 4 section, either accept the filename for the subfolder of this domain on your account, or change this to a different name if you prefer. (personally I keep them the same as the domain name so that I can easily see which folder relates to which website)

Now just Click the ADD DOMAIN button, and wait for Bluehost to finish the set-up (this can take a minute or two)

… Job Done, you now have a new “Free standing” domain setup on your Bluehost account ready to install wordpress on that domain.

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